How Social Lender Works


The process of using Social Lender to make a cash request is quick and simple. Registered Users on Social Lender Platform can click the Apply for Cash button. The cash request page will indicate to the user the maximum cash request they are eligible to at any point in time. The minimum Social Reputation Score required for a new cash request is also indicated.

When a cash request is approved by our Social Credit Officers, the funds is disbursed to the users' verified Sterling Bank Account.


To start using Social Lender, users would need to login with their Social Media Profile. Currently, Social Lender supports Facebook and Twitter. Other platforms will be included in the near future.

First time users are required to complete a one-time registration. Upon completion of this registration, a Social Audit will be performed on the user. At the end of the audit the user will be given a Social Reputation Score based on our proprietary algorithm.

The more accurate information provided by the User, the higher the social reputation score. The following information or actions will be requested from the User :

  1. Basic User Details
  2. User School and Work Details
  3. Telephone Number Verification
  4. Bank Account Details

Additional information will be obtained from the user based on Information avalaible on their Social Media Profile i.e Facebook or Twitter (Social Platform Permission required)

*Note: All information provided by the User is analysed by our Social Credit Officers before any cash request is granted on the system.


After the registration process, Social Lender computes the user's Social Reputation Score which is displayed on the dashboard with other links to apply for cash request, profile, Bank Account verification and much more. User may also provide additional information post registration to improve their score.


Some basic information about the cash request is obtained from the User at the point of Cash Request

Before a cash request is granted, The Social Credit Officers will carry out an extensive Social Audit on the Applicant, including reviewing the social reputation of the applicant and the applicant's Guarantor(s) (where applicable).

The Social Credit Officer makes the final lending decision on every cash request. Some users may be asked to provide additional "Social Collateral" to qualify for a cash request

If the cash request application is successful, the user is credited via existing banking channels.